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Map your entire on-premise and cloud IT environment and business applications in as little as 60 minutes!

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IT Infrastructure is More Complex Than Ever

Before you manage the assets in your IT environment, it is critical to document everything first while you are in the planning stages.


But such assessments are difficult today because infrastructure is messy. For years, different teams have been doing different tasks with different technologies both on premise and in multiple different clouds. Usually, no one has ever bothered to document anything or do accurate inventory management.


And if you don’t have a trustworthy understanding of your infrastructure, then any asset management or other IT ops work is doomed to fail from the start.


Finally Get a Clear Picture of Your IT


If you don’t know your environment in the first place, you can’t do change management, cloud migration, disaster recovery, business continuity, or microsegmentation. Or anything else.


This is where Faddom comes in: We have created the world’s fastest application dependency mapping platform that maps all your entire hybrid IT infrastructure and business-critical applications in as little as 60 minutes.


Our platform provides a complete view of your end-to-end environment so you can do your job with complete confidence that you have 100% accurate infrormation from the beginning.

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Be proactive and see your first maps within one hour of deploying Faddom in your environment


Completely passive. Lightweight. No agents. No credentials. No firewall changes needed. Works offline


Whether you are an IT consultant, a small business or a large enterprise, we have a plan for you

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