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Asset Documentation and Discovery

If you don’t have 100% accurate documentation of your topologies, then any work you do is doomed to fail from the start.

With Faddom’s IT discovery tool, you can discover all your IT assets such as servers and business applications continuously and automatically, 24/7, and gain holistic visibility into your hybrid infrastructure.
“Faddom has given us visibility into our server, application, and infrastructure landscape. We now have visual maps of everything that lives in our environment with no heavy lifting!”
Dan Callari, Director of IT, Bob Barker Company

IT Infrastructure is More Complex and Dynamic Than Ever

Before you can work with the assets in your IT environment, it is first critical to discover and document everything while you are in the planning stages.

Assessments are difficult today because infrastructure has become messy. For years, different teams have been doing different tasks with different technologies both on premises in a data center and in multiple different clouds.

Usually, no one has ever bothered to document anything or do accurate inventory management. In many cases, the only documentation is in someone’s head.

“The environment was built piecemeal by different people in the company and includes legacy systems along with modern platforms – making it a nightmare to map.”

“When I’m on vacation, no one can even make a minor change — because no one else knows the architecture of our IT.”

“Our documentation is stored as a Visio file in the safe, and unfortunately, it doesn’t update itself automatically.”

“We see how much our cloud bills are, and we don’t know exactly what we’re paying for!”

Faddom Discovers Everything by Itself

If you cannot discover your entire environment in the first place, then you cannot do application dependency mapping, server discovery, software inventory, physical network mapping, IT audits, or proper documentation.

Faddom is one of the only platforms that actually does original discovery on its own without needing to integrate with other software. Most tools just repeats whatever information they gather from elsewhere, and that access can be lost at any time. Faddom relies on no one else and is a single source of truth.

Search for anything in your environment such as an IP, server, subnet, port, or host name to see all the cloud-based and on premises connections, dependencies, and installed software details. Map your physical network devices such as switches and routers. Then, export all information into formats such as VISIO, XLS, and CSV or use our integrations to populate other tools.

Our agentless platform helps you to discover your complete end-to-end environment so you can do your job with complete confidence that you have 100% accurate information from the beginning.

Asset Documentation and Discovery

Hybrid ADM Software for IT

See your business applications and understand their dependencies.

IT Asset Discovery Tool & Software

Discover all your servers, business applications, and network devices.

Software Inventory Tool

Find all your on-prem, virtual, and cloud servers — grouped by business application.

Network Device Mapping Software

Map all your physical network devices such as switches and routers.

IT Audit Tool and Software

Get a complete picture of all your IT infrastructure for audits and compliance reviews.

IT Documentation Software & Tool

Document all your servers, business applications, and network devices — wherever they are.

Get a Clear Picture of All Your IT Assets

Faddom is your IT discovery tool. We have created the world’s simplest application dependency mapping platform that maps your entire hybrid IT infrastructure and business-critical applications in as little as 60 minutes.

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