Hybrid Application Dependency Mapping for Companies of All Sizes

Whether you are in your company’s IT department or a partner doing IT projects for various clients, we have pricing levels that are suitable for you.

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Pricing for all shapes, types and sizes
I'm managing instances.
Solo Sailing
For self-starters, hands-on experts who like to get things done, and pay less
or $0 Annually (Save )
Live support
Technical, onboarding and best practice sessions, upon request
Onboarding sessions, upon request and availability
Guided Cruise
For IT teams who value premium service and ongoing guidance
or $0 Annually (Save )
Premium Live Support
A dedicated customer success rep
Fast track to our product and R&D team for bug fix and feature requests
Admiral Fleet
For IT consultants who strive to deliver quick and successful projects
or $0 Annually (Save )
Premium Live Support
Technical & Onboarding Sessions as needed
Designated demo license
Post project license guarantee


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