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Self-Service Plan

Opt for our Self-Service Plan to reduce costs by managing your setup with Faddom on your own. It's perfect for small environments and those who prefer a straightforward, hands- on approach, using Faddom’s features without extra support or sales interaction.

Purchases must be made using the in-platform payment options.

Speed Boats

Up to 100 servers



Hundreds of servers

$10,000 to $35,000

Cruise Ships

Thousands of servers

Payment can be made via

credit card, or bank transfer

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Our packages are based on the total number of physical, virtual, and cloud servers.

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Up to 100 servers

Yachts & Cruise Ships

Over 100 servers


Application Mapping

Allows for unlimited mapping of business applications, including real-time changes and events.

Application Dependencies

Detects the dependencies between applications.

Subnet Dependencies

High-level overview of your network, understand, visualize, and track your subnet rules.

Impact Analysis

Understand the impact between servers and
applications before any changes are made
in your environment.

Unlimited search

Provides unlimited search capabilities for servers, connections, subnets and more.

Unlimited tracked searches

Provides real-time updates on any changes to the tracked topology.

Network Topology

Mapping your organizational physical devices using SNMP (V2/V3).


Rightsizing within the same environment and detection of inactive servers.


Compare selected time slots to investigate changes


Map your entire data sources inventory.

Software Discovery

Discover any installed software on your Windows/Linux-based servers.


Vulnerability Detection

Proactively detect common vulnerabilities (CVEs) in your installed software.

SSL Insights

Keep track of and analyze your SSL certificates, including expirations and status.

Shadow IT

Gain a clear understanding of servers with little or no traffic to avoid any security breaches.

User Access Detection

Detect which users are accessing to which servers, including their login history and more.

External traffic

Enhance security by detecting external connections (North-South traffic). Establish a blacklist of high-risk countries to mitigate threats.
Boost your defense with Faddom's risk exposure alerts.

Traffic Anomaly Detection

Identify abnormal traffic behavior on your servers or subnets.


Cloud Sizing

Rightsizing for cloud migration allows you to make the best use of your resources and reduce costs effectively.

Migration & DR Planner

Easily plan your migration projects using "Migration Waves" in a few simple steps.
Obtain comprehensive dependency information, sizing and recommendations, including pricing details for migrating to the cloud. *Support is available for all major cloud providers - AWS, Azure, and GCP.



  • Unlimited Support via email -
    Up to
    3 hours response time
    during working
  • Unlimited access to Faddom's
    KB, articles and troubleshooting 
  • Ongoing software updates, 
    patches, and new feature releases

Premium - optional

Get VIP Service

+ Add Premium Support

Hands-on sessions with Faddom's experts

Quarterly health checks to asses system performance and optimization

Unlimited Support via email

Up to 3 hours response time during working days

Unlimited access to our Knowledge Base

Articles, videos and troubleshooting guides

Ongoing software updates

Patches, and new feature releases

Dedicated Customer Success Manager

Support tickets

Faddom's "Early Access Program" for early releases

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