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Top Cloud Consulting Partners for 2022

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The right cloud consultant can make all the difference when it comes to getting your software solution off the ground, and succeeding on the cloud. Cloud solution providers are there to help you add agility and speed, and a smart cloud advisor will share of their own expertise so that you can benefit from their experience.

Whether you’re using AWS, GCP, or Azure – here’s our rundown of the best of the bunch for 2022.

Top GCP Cloud Consulting Partners for 2022

Bluecore – GCP Partner for Retailers

If you’re talking about top Google Cloud Partner solutions, Bluecore has been the winner of the GCP Technology Partner of the Year award three years running. If you’re a retailer using GCP, and you don’t use Bluecore as a GCP partner – you should! Marketers can trigger, prioritize and personalize customer communication, using deep learning and AI in combination with your own business goals to help customers get the best experience possible. Think personalized content, easier workflows, and a feedback loop that helps you generate meaningful customer relationships.

Softserve Google Cloud Partner for AI and ML

If you’re looking to take on machine learning and AI projects on GCP, give Softserve a call. As well as wide expertise in technology that includes analytics, database, security and networking, they really take information processing to the next level. Applied automation can save thousands of manual hours from your bottom line, while big data could well be the route to removing human error and streamlining your operations. Softserve excel at complex information processing at scale, which is why GCP certify the company for Machine Learning and Data Analytics.

Top AWS Cloud Consulting Partners for 2022

Druva – an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner for Security

Druva has more badges than an accomplished boy scout, with 3 AWS competencies, 2 AWS partner programs under its belt, 1 AWS service validation, and more than 500 AWS customer launches. The company is 100% SaaS, built on AWS, and protects and manages data across a hybrid ecosystem, including cloud, on-premises, and all endpoints. It’s the only AWS consulting partner offering a cloud-native all in one Backup and Disaster Recovery solution, allowing customers to easily enforce data governance on AWS and beyond.

Looking for an AWS MSP? Try SHI

If you’re looking for an all-rounder for AWS consulting to support your AWS cloud growth, give SHI a call. With more than 30 years of experience, SHI started out in software reselling, and now is the proud holder of more than one hundred AWS partner certifications. It’s slogan is “real people, delivering real value” and it certainly delivers, from software and hardware procurement and maintenance, to deployment, optimization, asset management, and cloud support.

Top Azure Cloud Consulting Partners for 2022

HR Locker: Your Microsoft Azure Partner for HR Services

Who doesn’t need a bit of help with HR nowadays? With remote working hitting us all out of nowhere, HRLocker are a great Azure consultant for all things Human Resources. Manage annual leave, timesheets, recruitment, performance, and employee details, all from a single cloud platform. It’s your one stop shop for people and processes on Azure. And with pricing that starts from under 3 bucks a month – it’s a really reasonable Microsoft CSP partner.

Want to Accelerate your Azure Skills? Fyrsoft LLC is an Azure Consultant Like No Other

If you’re ready to up your game on the Azure cloud, take some time to look at the offerings from Fyrsoft, including this free AI in a day Workshop. Fyrsoft is all about supporting Azure users in reducing the cost of Windows-as-a-Service, by becoming a true managed Azure partner, covering elements such as compliance, testing, scheduling, communications and deployments, leaving you to focus on your core business value. You’ll be hard-pressed to find an Azure consultant more knowledgeable.

Cross-Cloud Solution Providers Including Faddom Software

Of course, the strongest cloud solution providers will be able to be used across all three of the major commodity clouds, and on private cloud, too. Check with your cloud consulting partners to see what they can offer you, no matter which hybrid cloud route you decide to take moving forward.

Faddom is a great example of a software solution that checks all the boxes, allowing organizations to accelerate cloud migration projects by adding visibility of applications and their dependencies in real-time. After your migration project is complete, Faddom can also be used for cost optimization, or change management initiatives. Get started for free, right here.

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