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Cloud or Bust: Why Businesses Must Transform Themselves

Running applications in the cloud is a business imperative: the benefits realized from the added flexibility, availability, analytic capabilities, and reduced costs mean that if you delay, bungle, or fail to make the move you fall behind your competitors.

But while cloud migrations are necessary, they aren’t simple. Done poorly, migrations can be a long, painful, expensive process. To do them correctly, it’s critical to begin with an accurate understanding of your IT environment—no small task since enterprise infrastructures are vast and complex.

Adding to the frustration is that different teams have used myriad technologies – both on-prem and in the cloud – for many years, and this makes consistent inventory management challenging.


But Without Visibility, Migrations Can Be Painful


And if you don’t understand the environment, you can’t do the assessment.  And, if you can’t do the assessment, you won’t know what to migrate (and what’s not ready to migrate), and what to prioritize.  So, how do you get the migration going?


The journey can seem overwhelming. But this is where Faddom comes in: We have created the world’s fastest application dependency mapping platform to map your entire hybrid IT infrastructure and business-critical applications in as little as 60 minutes, both pre- and post-migration.


Our platform provides a complete view of your environment, end to end, so you can do an accurate assessment and plan a fast, safe, and cost-effective cloud migration.

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Be proactive and see your first maps within one hour of deploying Faddom in your environment


Completely passive. Lightweight. No agents. No credentials. No firewall changes needed. Works offline


Whether you are an IT consultant, a small business or a large enterprise, we have a plan for you

Map Enterprise Apps with Ease

It’s your choice: spend more, take longer, and potentially disrupt service continuity.


Or use Faddom to take the right first step to gain visibility into your entire hybrid infrastructure and consolidate a process in as little as 60 minutes!


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