Why Gaining Control of Your Business Applications Should Be Your First Priority

Data Center Transformation and Cloud Migration Tool

Map your entire on-premises and cloud environments as well as business applications without agents in as little as 60 minutes!

They Tried Us and Got Hooked
Without Accurate IT Maps,

Migrations Are Painful, Long and Expensive

Running applications in the cloud is a business imperative: the benefits realized from the added flexibility, availability, analytic capabilities, and reduced costs mean that if you delay, bungle, or fail to make the move, you fall behind your competitors. But without a proper map of your environment beforehand, you will have many costly problems.

"We loved how easily we could create and visualize our application apps, including all dependencies – it made the whole migration process a lot easier."

-- IT and Application Support Team Leader, Webpals

Create a migration wave

Get right-sizing and cost data

Easily export as a CSV

Choose what to migrate

See the dependencies

with Accurate IT Maps,

Easily Create an Effective and Efficient Migration Plan

Map your entire hybrid IT infrastructure and business-critical applications in as little as 60 minutes, both before and after migration.

Our platform provides a complete view of your environment, end to end, so you can do an accurate assessment and plan a fast, safe, and cost-effective cloud migration.

Highlighted Features

Used by Companies All Over the Globe

Migrate Calmly Through THE STORMY SEAS OF IT


Navigate With Dynamic Maps

Use faddom to gain 24/7 visibility in the rocky seas of it


first map under 60 min

Be proactive and see your first maps within one hour of deploying Faddom in your environment


completely passive

 Lightweight. No agents. No credentials. No firewall changes needed. Works offline


For companies of all sizes

Whether you are an IT consultant, a small business or a large enterprise, we have a plan for you

Map Your Entire Hybrid IT Environment. No Credit Card Needed

Plan Cloud Migrations with Ease

It’s your choice: spend more, take longer, and potentially disrupt service continuity.

Or use Faddom to gain full visibility into your hybrid infrastructure in as little as 60 minutes!

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Map all your on-prem servers and cloud instances, applications, and dependencies
in under 60 minutes.

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