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AWS Cost Optimization – 5 Calculations to Reduce Cloud Costs

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Customers love our cloud cost optimization tools

The rise in cloud computing has been meteoric. Gartner predicts that the global cloud services market will hit $266 billion this year. In the rush towards digital transformation, upskilling effectively to have cloud experts as part of your teams from the outset can be a challenge. AWS invoices are complex and difficult to decipher. Without AWS expertise in-house, data transfer costs can add up quickly. Unfortunately, a rise in cost can happen without a clear cause for variations in cost against your bottom line. (For more information, see our Guide to Cloud Computing Costs.)

Using an AWS calculator simplifies the process entirely. However, AWS calculators aren’t all created equally. That’s why it’s important to look for one that’s simple to use, meets your business requirements, and won’t become another expensive solution that adds complexity rather than simplifies your cloud journey.

We offer AWS calculator technology that gives you all that and more.

Here are the top reasons our customers rave about our AWS calculator:

One-Click and You’ve Got Your Answers

Many companies are onboarding whole new departments to handle AWS in-house, from data scientists, to migration experts. However, when your migration has run smoothly, and you just want to be sure you’re not paying unnecessary fees each month, it may feel like overkill to start calling on recruiters. An easy-to-use AWS calculator may be the answer as it gives you a simple solution for deciphering even the most complex invoice, and getting a clear picture of your servers and services in a user-friendly report that can be easily shared with other areas of the business.

Reduce the Cost of Managing Data Transfer

Using a third-party approach means you’ve saved on AWS costs before you start the process of interpreting your invoices, by using an integration to handle this externally. When you use an AWS calculator, you spend a fraction of the time managing AWS costs, and free up internal staff to focus on their day job. SaaS solutions are one of the drivers of digital transformation, and this area should be no different.

Demystify Availability Zones

The truth is, Amazon Web Services’ pricing is not easy to understand. Regions and Availability Zones are not consistent in pricing, and the cost of data transfer can range anywhere from 0.009/GB all the way to 0.023/GB, a huge difference. Throw in additional charges such as NAT Gateway fees, and it’s all beginning to get pretty complicated. One easy-to-read report for whenever you make architecture changes can simplify the whole process from end to end, and stop you wondering why you’re dealing with peaks in data transfer costs out of the blue. A good AWS calculator can help demystify pricing and give actionable insights.

Use Actionable Recommendations to Make Smart Changes

It’s not just about seeing where the costs are coming from. A smart AWS Calculator will also be able to provide recommendations that can be game-changing in how you use your cloud environment. Perhaps you’re using a region that’s unnecessarily expensive considering where your customer-base resides. Maybe you could be using IP addresses more intelligently to your advantage. There could be additional native technologies such as CloudWatch that could be having a significant positive impact on your bottom line. The right solution will have expert guidance behind the technology so that you receive a list of actionable insights that will show quick time to value by the time the next AWS invoice rolls around.

Free for Thirty Days

It’s important to make sure that your AWS calculator suits your business needs. Don’t choose a solution where you need to buy-in immediately, or make an unnecessary commitment ahead of time. Any solution worth the price tag will be able to prove value with a free trial so that you can see whether it suits your business context and can make a difference with your migration and future-infrastructure changes.

Faddom offers exactly that, a smart, fast, and free tool that deciphers your AWS data transfer costs, and provides you with an actionable list of steps that can show true business value. You could be using it in minutes, why not give it a try?

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