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Announcing Faddom’s New Cybersecurity Module (Beta)

Read Time: 3 minutes

Ahoy and Happy New Year!

Now, Faddom is more than just the world’s fastest and safest application dependency mapping platform. For 2024, we have released an additional cybersecurity module that comes with cutting-edge vulnerability detection, severity scoring, actionable insights – and a lot more. All without using any agents!

What does that mean? With Faddom, you can discover, visualize, and protect all your on-premises, cloud, and virtual IT infrastructure. Setup takes only minutes, and then you will be able to manage your environment’s security proactively.

The new cyber module is just one part of Faddom’s application dependency mapping platform that visualizes all your on-premises and cloud infrastructure in as little as one hour so you can immediately see all your servers and applications and how they are dependent on each other.

What’s Inside Faddom’s Cybersecurity Module

  • Vulnerability Detection (CVEs). Faddom has officially launched the ability to detect common vulnerabilities in installed software on Linux-based servers. This is achieved by using a CVSS scoring mechanism, allowing you to take a proactive approach to securing your environment.
  • SSL Insights. A brand new method for tracking SSL certificates and servers.
  • Traffic Anomaly Detection. This provides real-time notifications of any potential issues with network traffic, enabling you to proactively respond to potential problems.
  • A Security Dashboard. Gain quick insights into your general security posture including detected CVEs, servers with traffic anomalies, and SSL insights. Track common vulnerabilities over time to identify patterns and areas for remediation. Easily monitor alerted servers. View recent user activity.

Additional Product Updates

  • Tag-Based Application Maps. Create maps based on tags instead of solely relying on entry points. This will allow you to maximize your existing tagging data, and use them to build maps within Faddom. All tagging data is imported automatically from your hypervisors or cloud environments. Quickly build your application maps based on existing tagging or any other desired query.
  • A New Software Inventory Screen. Faddom’s comprehensive list of software discovered on your servers not only showcases the software found, but also provides valuable information about the related servers and any known vulnerabilities (CVEs) detected by Faddom. By analyzing this information, you can gain insights into the security status of your environment and take proactive measures.

Here’s Looking to 2024

Where will Captain Faddom sail next? Only our sextant knows.

But in the meantime, you are welcome to come aboard and start a free trial. Just fill out the form in the sidebar or drop us a line with any questions at info@faddom.com. We’re always just a Faddom (fathom) away!

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Try Faddom Now!

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