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Device42 Pricing: The 5 Pricing Tiers Explained

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What Is Device42? 

Device42 is a comprehensive IT asset management (ITAM) and network management tool that helps organizations manage their IT infrastructure. It provides a unified platform for discovering, mapping, and managing physical, virtual, and cloud-based assets. Its automated discovery and dependency mapping features enable IT teams to gain visibility into their network, making it easier to track assets, manage IP addresses, and optimize operations.

The platform provides software license management, configuration management database (CMDB) functionality, and visualization tools. These capabilities help organizations ensure compliance, improve operational efficiency, and reduce the risk of downtime by providing real-time insights into the state of their IT environment.

Key Features and Products of Device42 

Device42 provides the following key features as part of its platform (they are not sold separately):

  • Automated discovery and dependency mapping: Device42 provides visibility into an IT environment by automatically discovering physical, virtual, and cloud-based assets, and mapping out dependencies and relationships between them.
  • Configuration Management Database (CMDB): Allows organizations to maintain a centralized repository of information related to IT assets. This database includes details about hardware, software, and network components, providing a single source of truth for IT operations. The CMDB helps in tracking changes, managing configurations, and ensuring compliance with organizational standards.
  • IP Address Management (IPAM): Device42 offers robust IP address management capabilities, enabling IT teams to efficiently track and manage IP addresses across their network. This feature includes automated IP discovery, subnet management, and IP address allocation, which helps prevent conflicts and optimizes the use of available IPs.
  • Software license management: helps track and manage software licenses across the organization. This feature ensures compliance with licensing agreements, helps avoid costly penalties, and optimizes software usage by identifying underutilized licenses.
  • Visualization tools: Device42 includes visualization tools that provide real-time insights into the state of the IT environment. These tools allow users to create detailed network diagrams, rack layouts, and floor plans, making it easier to understand the physical and logical layout of the infrastructure.

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Understanding Device42 Pricing 

While Device42 does not share pricing information on its website, the following information was shared by independent sites TrustRadius and GetApp.

Device42’s pricing model has the following tiers:

  1. Core 1-100 Devices (1-1,000 IPs): Priced at $1,449 per year, this plan is suited for small organizations or departments within larger corporations managing up to 100 devices.
  2. Core 101-500 Devices (1k-5k IPs): For medium-sized networks, this tier costs $2,999 annually and covers up to 500 devices.
  3. Core 501-1000 Devices (5k-10k IPs): Larger organizations can opt for this plan at $4,999 per year, supporting up to 1,000 devices.
  4. Core 1001-2500 Devices (10k-25k IPs): This premium tier is available for $9,999 per year, catering to enterprises with up to 2,500 devices.
  5. Core 2500+ Devices (25k+ IPs): Businesses with device counts exceeding 2,500 must request a custom quote.

Additionally, Device42 offers an option for an on-premise deployment, which allows it to support specific organizational requirements. On-premise deployment also requires a custom quote.

Device42 Limitations

When evaluating Device42, you should be aware of the following limitations shared by users on the G2 platform.

Steep Learning Curve

Device42 is an advanced tool, and users report that using it without prior experience or training can be intimidating. The interface and navigation require some time to understand, and users might require a considerable effort to become proficient. This learning curve can delay the time to value and require a dedicated training period to ensure all team members can effectively use the software.

Outdated User Interface

According to user reports, the user interface of Device42 is dated, lacking modern graphic elements such as customizable font and color themes. This can make the experience less visually appealing and might affect usability. The layout and design can feel cluttered and not intuitive, which may lead to a less efficient user experience.

Performance Issues

There have been reports of performance issues, particularly with the system slowing down during certain operations. For example, the Jira integration can cause significant slowdowns even on high-powered Jira instances. Users have experienced substantial delays when opening tickets where the Device42 custom field is populated. Additionally, the overall system speed can be inconsistent, which may hinder workflow efficiency.

Limited Reporting Capabilities

Device42’s reporting capabilities have some limitations. Users have noted difficulties in exporting reports that include sub-component changes linked to the devices they are assigned to, such as CPU and memory changes. While this data is visible within the application, it is not easily exportable, which can be a drawback for users needing comprehensive reports for analysis and auditing purposes. 

Faddom: The Ultimate, Cost-Effective Device42 Alternative

Faddom is agentless software that visualizes your complex on-premises and modern cloud infrastructure. It documents your environment in real time and creates your first maps in as little as 60 minutes. It is used by organizations like UCLA, Coca Cola, and Accenture for discovery, change management, migrations, cost optimization, and cybersecurity.

Key features:

  • Faddom is agentless and doesn’t require credentials
  • It is cheap, starting at $10K/year
  • Map the entire environment in real-time, updating 24/7
  • Quick: One person can map the entire organization in an hour

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