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Did you hear the news? Faddom are now an AWS Technology Partner.

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During times of uncertainty, we know that our customers need security and visibility solutions that they can count on. That’s why this is such a great time for us to announce our entry to the AWS Partner Network, as a certified technology partner.

This stamp of approval makes official what our satisfied customers already knew – that we offer a powerful and feature-rich solution for hybrid discovery and application and dependency mapping. Now backed with the might of AWS, our customers can connect with us directly from the AWS Partner Network hub.

The partnership also gives our customers peace of mind that we have AWS certification under our belt, enabling us to advise and consult with in-depth knowledge of AWS and its various tools and features. We will also have access to ongoing training and support from AWS, providing guidance and expertise on the latest features and changes, that we can in turn pass onto our own customers.

Unlocking Valuable Tools & Features through AWS Partner Relationship

But that’s not all! As AWS Partners, we are also able to access unique features that are not available to the wider AWS community. One great example is AWS Migration Portfolio Assessment.

AWS users might be used to Migration Hub, a simple tool that provides a limited amount of information that you can access when planning a cloud migration. AWS Migration Portfolio Assessment is on another level.

When planning a cloud migration, it’s essential to think about the waves or phases of your project, as discussed in our white paper on planning a cloud migration. Elements to think about include what applications to lift and shift and what to re-plan for the cloud, how to right- size your instances, and what the impact of a cloud migration is going to be on specific applications and their dependencies.

Migration Portfolio Assessment makes a lot of this simple, providing automatic recommendations for sizing your instances, what priority level you should be giving for each application, and specific server recommendations as seen below.

This can be immensely useful for modelling customer scenarios ahead of time, and to generate the data necessary for business case analysis and for migration planning as a whole.

AWS Server Recommendations & Cost Prediction

A powerful element of this solution is in estimating the Total Cost of Ownership ahead of time, and providing a starting point for working out the difference in cost between a cloud migration and an on-premises architecture, breaking it down with line by line detail, great information to pass on to your CFO or FD.

More broadly, you’ll also have access to dashboards where you can see information such as the types of operating systems, your CPU and memory metrics, and the mapping between servers, applications and communications, in a static form.

Making the Most out of this Solution with the Right Data

There are two options to choose between when it comes to importing data into AWS Migration Portfolio Assessment. The first is the AWS Application Discovery Service, a limited tool that does not provide insight into dependencies. The other option is through file import, currently in Beta. We have seen great success using Faddom data accessed through application mapping to import servers, applications, the relationships between servers and applications, and the communication and application dependencies into AWS Migration Portfolio Assessment for further study.

This is a practical way to show the immediate benefits of our deepening partnership with AWS, augmenting existing AWS tools with our powerful technology, and allowing our customers to extend the results of their application mapping and hybrid discovery with AWS know-how and behind the scenes insight into costings, instances and more. If you want more insight into your cloud migration project to get executive buy in or improved clarity on the phases of your project, Faddom can now enhance its existing feature-rich hybrid visibility with unique tools only available to AWS Partners.

Looking to the Future

Are you’re struggling to keep the momentum of your cloud migration project turning during this difficult remote working period? Are you looking to meet a time-sensitive security roadmap? Do you want a better understanding of the intricacies of your IT ecosystem? No matter the business goals, you want to turn to a technology vendor that has an industry giant behind them, giving them that all-important seal of approval. That’s Faddom.

Get in touch to discuss your specific business needs.

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