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Resource and Cost Optimization

Having complete visibility in information technology with IT optimization software enables you to pinpoint resources that can be removed or scaled down to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and focus on what matters

Faddom discovers dormant servers without dependencies and proposes rightsizing measures for both on-premises infrastructure and cloud instances without needing integrations with other tools. This maximizes your existing IT efficiency on premises and in cloud computing for the same budget or less.
“Faddom saved us on migration costs, as were able to determine application and service utilization, connectivity between and outside of virtual machines, and peak and off-peak application usage.”
Denesh Ashok, CIO, RATP Dev UK

Too Many IT Assets Operate in the Dark

In companies today, it is a common practice for IT managers to possess the autonomy to deploy servers or instances without the need for approval. This often results in operational IT expenses that remain unknown.

It’s a low priority for vendors to develop cost optimization practices and tools because it contradicts their own goal to increase reliance on their services and infrastructure.

As IT topologies continue to expand in size and complexity, many organizations do not have a dedicated FinOps expert internally.

“We need to optimize our on-premises environment before we buy any new hardware.”

“We need to move to the cloud, but we don’t know which cloud provider we should use.”

“In addition to the hyperscaler, I need another pair of eyes to assess the utilization of our cloud instances.”

“I dug into the numbers and found that we are paying for dozens of servers, and we don’t know of their existence.”

Optimize Based on Real Usage and Utilization

With Faddom, you can do inactive server discovery to see where resources are being wasted, cloud rightsizing to spend only as much as you need, and on-prem rightsizing to use only as many assets as you need. Every company wants its IT department to do more with less, and Faddom can maximize your efficiency.

Resource and Cost Optimization

Inactive Server Discovery

Detect which servers are wasting your resources

Cloud Rightsizing

Spend only as much as you need on the cloud

On-Prem Rightsizing

Spend only as much as you need on-premises

Optimize and Rightsize All Your IT Right Now

Whether you need to optimize your on premises or cloud infrastructure, Faddom tells you exactly what resources you are running and where. Then, you can scale up or down as needed.

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