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Network Security

Faddom’s cybersecurity tool is a lightweight network detection and response solution that helps to eliminate lateral movement risk. See which servers are communicating with each other so you can spot unfamiliar connections and receive alerts on traffic anomalies.

Map all your east-west traffic for microsegmentation planning, shadow IT discovery, SSL certificate tracking, and more — all without installing any agents or changing firewall rules.
“Faddom provides a lot of detail on what services and certificates are used within the company. It helps us discover what protocols are being used by an undocumented application and who is connecting to a specific service on a specific server. It allows us to discover who is still using an unsecure protocol and document shadow IT and certificate expiration dates.”
Steven Poot, Cyber Security Architect at Coreso

They Can Come From Without and Within

Today, it is not enough to set up a perimeter defense alone. Threats can come from the inside.

Attackers may move laterally across your network, accessing sensitive data and planting malicious software. Shadow IT might be sitting dormant, unused, and vulnerable. SSL certificates can pile up and expire without your knowledge, causing security risks and directly impacting your business and reputation.

If you don’t use a cybersecurity tool to understand your entire environment, you cannot protect it.

“Staff often leave our company, and documentation, handover, and monitoring are not arranged well all the time. This leads to knowledge gaps and security incidents with hefty price tags.”

“We just realized that the testing environment is connected to production, and we can’t see how.”

“We wanted our MSP to block a port in the firewall, and we didn’t realize until much later that they never actually did it.”

“We had some SSL certificates that were expired, and we didn’t notice it. This caused corporate image damage towards external clients because our systems were unavailable or showing a security warning.”


A Lightweight NDR Solution and More

Network detection and response (NDR) helps organizations to identify threats in their networks. Faddom helps to protect organizations from malicious actors attempting to compromise their networks and resources.

You can also do microsegmentation planning and make sure that the rules are being enforced based on the information that Faddom collects in real time.

In addition, Faddom alerts on traffic anomalies so you can investigate and mitigate the problem as needed. As an example, see how Faddom detected Log4J and today helps many customer to be prepared for the next threat.

Network Security

Lateral Movement Investigation

Stop attackers to move laterally within a network

Shadow IT Discovery

Detect the use of unauthorized systems

SSL Certificate Tracking

See all your certificates and which ones need renewing

Microsegmentation Planning

Segment your network to minimize infiltrations

Traffic Anomaly Insights

Identify system misuse and significant security attacks

Vulnerability (CVEs) Detection

Detect critical common vulnerabilities and exposures in your software

Minimize the Blast Radius of Cyberattacks

Detect any lateral movement and traffic anomaly, start microsegmentation planning, track your SSL certificates, and find shadow IT with the click of a button.

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