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IT Audit and Compliance

Get a complete picture of your hybrid cloud and on-prem environment with our IT compliance software so that you will always have the accurate information needed to pass audits and compliance requirements.

Faddom gives you full, dynamic observability so that will know all the assets that you are using, where they are located, and who is accessing them at any time.
“Faddom is not only helping us plan the migration waves in to Azure, but enables us to map historic and legacy applications which can then be rebuilt and moved to Azure in a compact and condensed fashion. Once we have all our servers running on Azure, we will use the base line functionality to maintain topology compliance and ensure there are no un recorded changes to topology.”
Duncan Borland, Infrastructure Manager, Emeria UK

You Need Visibility to Have Accurate Information

The biggest hindrance to IT compliance is when you don’t know what you have, where it is, and who is using it.

IT environments are increasingly complex and dynamic with assets both on premise and in the cloud, and often no one has ever documented anything. And if they did, it is quickly outdated.

If you do not have full picture of all your infrastructure, then it is impossible to know what you have. And if you don’t know what you have, it is difficult to satisfy IT audit and compliance requirements.

“I’m worried about the lack of transparency into how data flows across our various applications and systems. Without this clarity, ensuring compliance — especially with data protection regulations — becomes challenging.”

“Whenever we make changes to our IT infrastructure, there’s a risk of unintended consequences due to system interdependencies — potentially jeopardizing our compliance with numerous auditing organizations.”

“In the event of a security incident, it is critical for me that we swiftly determine the scope of the affected systems. Delays can result in non-compliance with breach notification requirements.”

“Over time, our legacy systems and redundant applications accumulate. These not only waste resources but can be a compliance risk if they’re not maintained or secured appropriately.”

A Fast Way to Get Ready for Compliance Reviews

Application mapping not only enhances your IT operations and risk management but also is instrumental in ensuring ongoing compliance with IT standards and regulations.

In today’s intricate IT environment, compliance hinges on clarity. As an IT professional, you need to leverage the precision of application dependency mapping in order to have unified visibility, mitigate risks, and respond quickly to incidents.

With an accurate application map, you are equipped to navigate the complexities of compliance with confidence.

IT Audit and Compliance


U.S. law safeguarding health information.


Standard for secure credit card data handling.


EU regulation for personal data privacy.


U.S. law for public company financial integrity.


DoD’s cybersecurity standard for defense contractors.

NIST 800-53

U.S. security controls for federal systems.

Get a Full IT Inventory for Audits and Reviews in 60 Minutes

Map all your on-prem and cloud infrastructure now to get a completely accurate picture of your environment. Then, ensuring compliance will be that much quicker and easier.

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