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Data Center Migration

Before doing IT infrastructure migration, disaster recovery planning, or any other type of migration projects, you need IT migration software to map your business application dependencies first.

If you do not know what needs to be migrated together, you cannot build accurate move groups. If you don’t know what to migrate in a move group, you will break your IT when you do it.

With Faddom’s application dependency mapping, you can ensure business continuity as you plan on-prem consolidations or transformations, on-prem to cloud migrations, and cloud repatriations.
“A great product for pre-cloud migration discovery! The automated application discovery and dependency mapping feature is outstanding, and I highly recommend it. Fabulous customer support too.”
Kanchan Chakraborty, Enterprise Cloud Infrastructure Architect, Ascendion

Migrations Are Painful, Long and Expensive

Running applications in hybrid on-prem and cloud environments is increasingly common today because of security and cost concerns. Using all these types of topologies comes with benefits and risks.

The benefits are the added flexibility, availability, analytical capabilities, and reduced costs. But without a proper map of your environment beforehand, you can delay, bungle, or otherwise fail to do a migration between these topologies.

If you don’t understand your environment, you can’t see the dependencies. If you can’t take the dependencies into considiration, you won’t know what to migrate and how. If you do not know what needs to be migrated together, you shouldn’t migrate at all.

“We recently acquired some companies, so we needed to integrate their unfamiliar IT with ours.”

I am under the CIO’s orders to migrate our organization’s infrastructure to the cloud by the end of this year, and I don’t know where to start!”

“We recently had some problems with our DR/BC and realized that the disaster recovery environment is accidentally connected to the production one.”

“We are looking to migrate from the cloud back to on-prem because we have no visibility into our spending.”


Know All Your Dependencies Before You Migrate

After you map all your entire environment at the beginning, only then you can plan a safe and efficient migration of any type as well as do data center transformation and DR/BC planning.

Faddom discovers everything you need to know to plan IT migrations without worrying about any disruptions you might create in your business applications and for your end users.

Our agentless platform helps you to discover your complete end-to-end environment so you can plan migrations with complete confidence that you have 100% accurate information from the beginning.

Map your entire hybrid IT infrastructure and business-critical applications with their dependencies in as little as 60 minutes – before, during, and after a migration. You can also see what connections and ports are in use to reconfigure firewalls as you migrate.

Data Center Migration

Cloud Migration Assessment

Plan migration waves based on application dependencies

Data Center Transformation Planning

Create move groups of servers and applications

BC/DR Planning

Find everything that you must include in your backup environment

Create an Efficient IT Migration Plan Easily

Get a complete view of your environment, end to end, so you can do an accurate assessment and plan a fast, safe, and cost-effective migration without impacting the performance of your business applications.

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