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Application Change Management

Before doing any changes to your environment, you need to map your business applications first to prevent costly failures and disruptions.

With Faddom, you can understand the impact of changes when you are adding, updating, or decommissioning servers.
“The ease of deployment and monitoring provides a simple method of visually seeing the flow of traffic between IP addresses on your network. This is really useful in large busy environments where application servers change frequently and services move between servers in application clusters.”
Shane Owens, IT Infrastructure Engineer, Florida Department of Transportation

It is Impossible to Find Everything

Before you can predict the impacts of changes, it is first important to find and understand everything while you are planning ahead.

But the complexity of modern IT environments makes it extremely difficult. Assets are on premises, virtual, or in different cloud topologies. And there are countless unknown connections within that mess.

But whenever you add, change, or take down a server, you still need to do a risk assessment and know which business applications will be impacted.

“Right now, all I can do to know how a change will impact the environment is to shut down a server and see who shouts.”

“The outcome of a change should be predictable and not like playing Russian roulette.”

“My team and I often find ourselves extinguishing IT fires rather than preventing them through proactive measures.”

I’m seeking a reliable “go-to” solution for gaining a comprehensive overview of our IT architecture without deep diving into intricate monitoring metrics.”


Know All Impacts of Infrastructure Changes

With Faddom’s IT change management software, you can easily do impact analysis and root cause analysis as well as detect changes in applications. Before you do anything in your IT environment, you need to be certain that you know what effect the change will have. One mistake can lead to literal failure.

Application Change Management

Application Change Detection

See whether your application state has changed

Impact Analysis

Understand the implications of a proposed change

Root Cause Analysis

Find and identify the source of a problem or event

Do IT Change Management Without Guesswork

Faddom is your change management tool. We have created the world’s simplest application dependency mapping platform that maps your entire hybrid IT infrastructure and business-critical applications in as little as 60 minutes.

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