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Microsegmentation is an Invaluable Method of Defense

Think of microsegmentation as a castle. The moat and the outside walls provide the first line of defense. But in the event they are breached, the rooms inside provide a critical second line that can give the castle defenders time to rally and regroup, slowing and defeating intruders who are attacking.


Microsegmentation, the process of logically dividing the data center and cloud environments into distinct and isolated security segments, adds a layer of defense just like fortified rooms in a castle. It works to limit infiltrations from spreading throughout your entire IT infrastructure by isolating them instead.


In the real world, of course, when it comes to perimeter defense, no wall is impenetrable. At any given moment, most companies likely have bad actors or bots lurking within their networks, ready to pounce. Always assume that someone, somewhere is trying to hack your company.


Map Your Castle to Properly Protect It


In order to defend your castle, you must understand where your assets are and how to defend them.  Your winning edge is enhanced with visibility into all network traffic both inside your data center and out in the cloud.


But before you can correctly define those zones or “rooms” and set policies around how to control them and who can enter, you need a map of your entire IT environment. This map will allow you to see where clusters are occurring (such as servers) and how to isolate them.


Faddom can help. We have created the world’s fastest application dependency mapping platform. Our software lays out your entire hybrid IT infrastructure and business-critical applications (both on-prem and in the cloud) in as little as 60 minutes.

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Be proactive and see your first maps within one hour of deploying Faddom in your environment


Completely passive. Lightweight. No agents. No credentials. No firewall changes needed. Works offline


Whether you are an IT consultant, a small business or a large enterprise, we have a plan for you

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Your organization is your castle. Keep the intruders out. But if they do infiltrate, have a plan to give them the boot.


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