It Starts with the Map:
Hybrid Application Dependency Mapping is Your First Step to Success

Blind spots are where mistakes happen, and in today’s increasingly complex networks, there are a whole lot of places for errors, misconfigurations and even threats, to hide.

Any modern data center needs to have A+ visibility into every secret corner of their environment, including the dependencies that could result in unforeseen changes.

This white paper discusses:

  • How to approach application dependency mapping
  • Why a solution that lacks dependencies is inherently insufficient
  • How to integrate for success with CMDB and other technologies
  • The difference of an agentless solution over the competition
  • Practical use cases for Application Dependency Discovery that can show quick time to value

The potential value of application mapping, especially with the added tracking of dependencies can add an immense amount of value for your business. It’s the difference between making decisions in the dark, and with the lights switched firmly on.

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