Worried About AWS Data Transfer Costs?
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Consistency and transparency are two of the top necessities for keeping a business afloat, but neither of these are simple to hold onto when it comes to using AWS and transferring data on the cloud. In fact, for many people, the complexity of their monthly AWS invoice is impossible even to decipher, let alone for finding smart ways to reduce and streamline costs to optimize their usage.

Cost Optimization wp

This white paper breaks it down , in the following ways:

  • Read key facts about data transfer on AWS, explained in plain English
  • Understand the use of Regions and how you can play this to your advantage
  • Learn about the AWS-native tools that make data transfer simpler
  • Think about whether you need to take IP addresses into consideration
  • Uncover how valuable visibility could be in creating a strategic data transfer plan

Architecting your network for streamlined data transfer costs that you have ultimate control over is easier than you think. It starts with one single pane of glass to everything that’s happening, from AWS to on-premises and beyond.

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