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Looking for an entirely managed solution for your discovery roadmap? Here are just some of the ‘as-a-service’ packages that we offer, leaving you to focus on business strategy and your core product.

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Cloud Migration

Moving to the cloud doesn’t need to entail grasping in the dark. Hand over your cloud migration planning to Faddom, and we can efficiently and accurately model workloads for migration, using our wire data to ensure that you migrate in a smart way with the least risk possible. By mapping both dependencies and communication flows, you have granular insight into the impact of any change.

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Network Discovery

If you don’t have resources to put into your environment mapping, let Faddom do the leg work for you. We can map your whole infrastructure, whether on-prem, cloud or hybrid, physical or virtual, giving you a powerful and accurate map that gives both real-time and historical insight. Tell us what you need, and we can take it off your hands, from change-simulation, to security awareness or SLA monitoring.

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Cost Optimization

Cloud costs can be confusing, and monthly invoices often come with unpleasant surprises. Our team can accurately correlate your real-time usage with your Azure or AWS transfer costs, supporting you in minimizing your monthly bill while keeping performance at top quality. We’ll provide you with a list of the servers or services that are costing you, big time, and alert you to configuration changes that can improve your network and provide immediate savings.

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Preparing for microsegmentation projects can be complex and time consuming. Our experts will create a full map of your environment from on-premises to cloud, ensuring no asset is left behind. We can effectively track communication to reduce risk in case of a breach, identify where sensitive data is held to stay on top of compliance needs, and alert you to best practices such as environment segmentation between production and development. We will also provide detailed configuration files for your cloud network so you can define your network segments in the more secure way possible.


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