Goodbye, VNT. Hello Faddom!

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We wanted to update you that our company name has changed from VNT Software to Faddom.

Let us explain why: We experienced significant growth and market traction in the past 18 months that led us to the conclusion that a new era is ahead for our company. A change of our brand reflects just that.

Application dependency mapping (ADM) is still at the heart of our product, and Faddom will continue to help people to “fathom” their complex IT and cloud topologies.

And in addition to having an understanding of a complex subject, “fathom” also refers to a unit of depth for sailors. Most of us here at Faddom are ocean enthusiasts such as navy captains, surfers, divers, and fishermen.

We believe Faddom will become the anchor for all IT and cloud proactive operations and tasks because everyone needs a real-time map of their environment so they know where they are heading.

Questions? Comments? Want to come on board our ship? Email us at

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