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The World Has Changed. Are You Ready for the Day After?

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The Coronavirus pandemic, officially known as COVID-19, has caught most enterprises worldwide unprepared. And let’s be honest, how can anyone truly be prepared for a disaster on such a massive scale? 

One thing we can be certain about is that the way we conduct business will need to adapt, and that if we can leverage the right lessons from this experience, we will come out of this with enhanced efficiency and better resilience. 

Even during these very challenging times, organizations need business continuity. They need to be able to service their customers as best as they can while at the same time keeping their eye on their own bottom line.  

Priorities have changed. What used to be simply an item on next quarter’s roadmap or beyond, has now become critical.

Three Areas That Can be Dealt with Right Now  

  1. Map the data centers: Identify components that are not in use and are not part of any mission-critical business application. These are any business applications that are not absolutely vital for the uptime of the organization. Highlight the servers that just sit there and consume energy – and switch them off!
  2. Migrate to the cloud: As quickly as possible, look for any applications that can be shifted to the cloud. Here, you can manage your total cost of ownership much more efficiently without worrying about hardware costs, maintenance and uptime. A phased approach that starts with a simple lift and shift can make this a lot more doable in a short amount of time.
  3. Manage data costs: If you are already on the cloud, now is the time to make sure that you manage your costs properly. One area to focus on could be identifying drifts in your monthly bills in advance or removing unnecessary costs which are caused by improper configurations.

Organizations that invest in being more efficient and cost effective now will have a better chance of surviving these uncertain times and come out of the crisis stronger and ready for more business.

Faddom Software has the tools to assist you in achieving the above goals rapidly, right now!


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