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Our network mapping software offer full visibility into cloud migration and data application dependencies.

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We are running multiple applications that change on a daily basis. Until we mapped the applications with Faddom, it was almost impossible for us to detect the changes.
Haim Inger, CTO, Clal Insurance

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With Faddom’s cost analysis recommendations, we were able to save as much as 25% of our monthly network costs. This is a great success for us, knowing we can rely on Faddom for an accurate.
Haran B., VP Product, Cancelon
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Faddom supported us in finding the expensive connections that were having a negative impact on our bottom line each month. We simply didn’t have the visibility into our cloud .
Eran Dvey Aharon – VP, Research and Development, Windward

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As a Managed Service provider, we needed to know ahead of time how changes could impact our clients, but we didn’t have the ability to drill down on each connection and work out.
Zeev Vaxman Fisher – CEO, Modality

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We loved how easily we could create and visualize our application apps, including all dependencies – it made the whole migration process a lot easier. Nadav Avineri, IT ,Webpals Group

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Faddom provided a lightweight solution that required zero-onboarding.

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Faddom could be deployed immediately, with no hardware installation and no agents.

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appmigrate by Faddom is ideal for those who want an application mapping tool that is fast to deploy and is cost-effective.


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